Welcome From the Chief Gary Batton



"Success Through Academic Recognition (STAR) began in 2007 under the leadership of Chief Gregory E. Pyle with his vision of providing educational opportunities to our Choctaw youth.  I intend to carry on his legacy by continuing to invest in our students worldwide.  People, particularly our children, are the future of our tribe, and as such, we are fostering a desire to accomplish academic and lifelong goals.  By providing monetary incentives for academic achievements, STAR encourages Choctaw students to make education a priority, which leads to improved lives for all Choctaw tribal members.  STAR aims to develop student work ethic, improve graduation rates, and to reveal opportunities for continued education after high school.  As a gateway to other Choctaw Nation programs, STAR provides the foundation for students to connect with their heritage by taking advantage of the many opportunities available to our tribal members.  Education has played a vital role in the growth of the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma, and because of programs like STAR, the future remains bright and full of hope for the Choctaw people."

- Gary Batton, Chief of the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma




Required STAR Forms


RedCheckmark STAR Online Application


RedCheckmark  2014/2015 STAR Incentive Form

    - Awards issued twice per school year (once each semester)

    - Copy of the Semester Report Card is required

    - Copy of the Student's Attendance Record (Perfect Attendance Award Only)

    - Copy of the Membership Card (First-Time Applicants Only)