Welcome From the Chief

Chief"Several years ago, the Choctaw Nation began the STAR Program with the intention of motivating our Choctaw Students to reach their educational goals.  Since the inception of the program in 2007, it is evident that this program is having a positive impact.  The STAR Program has grown tremendously, originally starting in the ten and one half county service area of southeastern Oklahoma, it now has students participating in 47 states.  Due to the unprecendented popularity of this program, we have decided to offer the benefits of the STAR Program to all eligible Choctaw students attending an accredited school anywhere in the world.  I am convinced that this program will continue to encourage the academic success of Choctaws by providing students an incentive to strive for the highest possible level of achievement.  This has been an exciting addition to the educational services that the Choctaw Nation offers the youth of our tribe."

-- Gregory E. Pyle, Chief of the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma



Required STAR Forms

RedCheckmark STAR Online Application


RedCheckmark STAR Application

     -One time application (unless there is a change to address/contact information).

RedCheckmark Grade Verification Form

     -Report card with semester grades must be attached.

     -To be completed and returned once per semester.